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My Approach & Qualifications

I am an integrative counsellor who uses a combination of humanistic and psychodynamic therapy. I support clients by being an empathetic listener and helping them understand the complex feelings or difficult emotions that bought them to therapy. I believe that better self-awareness and self-understanding can help drive personal growth. By exploring how we feel about situations, we can learn more about ourselves and become more open to making changes in our life that lead to feeling happier and more fulfilled.

I also help clients by exploring their memories and feelings. Our past relationships or life experiences can sometimes shed light on difficult relationships that we might have in the present.

I believe that the relationship between the client and counsellor is key to creating the right environment to help you achieve personal growth. I work in a genuine and non-judgmental way and the space that I offer is confidential and safe. My approach is client-led, which means that I will work in a way that suits you as an individual. I will usually ask you what you want out of therapy, and your response will lead the way for our work together. The client’s aims are always at the heart of my work.


I hold an MSc Therapeutic Counselling and I'm a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP), my Registration number is 379133. I am also certified as an online and telephone counselor. I adhere to their ethical framework for good practice, attend regular clinical supervision and ensure I take part in continuing professional development CPD training to improve my practice.


I hold both public liability and professional indemnity insurance and a current enhanced DBS certificate.


MY BACKGROUND -  As a Therapist


In 2017 I worked for the NHS at Stockwell Group Practice supporting clients who had been referred to me by their GP’s. During this time, I worked with clients on a short-term basis, offering 6-12 sessions to help them reach their therapy goals. I was able to support clients from a variety of age groups who were dealing with depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship problems and workplace stress.


After my work with the NHS, I moved to Low-Cost therapy at The Awareness Centre. Here I saw clients on a long-term basis who were looking for support with many of the issues I mention above. However, I was also able to work with clients who had experienced abuse, assault, and domestic violence.


I have been in private practice since 2019, where I continue to support clients with a diverse range of issues. More recently, I have welcomed more clients from South Asian backgrounds and supported them with complex family issues and relationship problems.


MY BACKGROUND -  Outside of Therapy 


Like most therapists, I have not always been a therapist. I spent the last 8 years working in the care sector. During this time, I had extensive experience of working in care homes for the elderly. I managed staff who cared for the elderly and could often see how easy it is to experience burn out when caring for others. I noticed the complicated balancing act of meeting the needs of a patients and meeting your own needs, as well as meeting the needs of your loved ones.


In my time in care homes I spent a lot of time with older people, some of which were facing bereavement or struggling to find a sense of purpose after a life when the roles they immersed themselves in throughout their lives no longer have the same meaning for them.


I’ve also had a lot of experience in supporting staff with the day to day stress of working a caring profession. who are going through the need for a change, or struggling to cope at work because of what’s going on in their personal lives.

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